AUC Libraries support the teaching and research programs of the University, and our priority is to serve the AUC community. As part of our commitment to the wider community of researchers, we strive to create access to our collections and services. We do so within the limits of our own resources, in accordance with copyright and license terms, and only for researchers with a legitimate interest and specific research need. 

AUC Libraries welcome academic visitors. Faculty members and department guest(s) are warmly encouraged to invite their on-site guests for a tour of the AUC Library and its special exhibits. For scheduled visits, advance notice should be sent to the library via email at

Types of Membership


Researchers in Egypt

Faculty members and postgraduate students at Egyptian Universities may apply for access to AUC Libraries. Find out more about terms and conditions of membership.


Overseas Researchers

Faculty and graduate students from overseas and partner institutions may be eligible for membership during their stay in Egypt.



All AUC alumni are eligible to apply for membership to the AUC Libraries. Apply in person at the circulation desk. 

Contact Us


External Users inquiries

AUC community, school/university visits, general questions




Researchers in Egypt

Graduate students and faculty members of Egyptian national universities




Overseas Researchers inquiries 

Researchers from overseas, OCLC/SHARES partners and AMICAL members



Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Alumni and overseas researchers should come before 2:00 pm.